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Visit Lesvos for the Best Honeymoon in Greece

Visit Lesvos for the Best Honeymoon in Greece

Greece is a beautiful country full of dramatic coastlines, amazing scenery, historical sites, culture and wonderful food so it’s no wonder a lot of couples consider it as a honeymoon destination. The authentic Greek island of Lesvos is no exception.

Although Santorini and Mykonos may be the first islands that spring to mind when you think of romantic getaways, as the third largest island in Greece, Lesvos has something to offer all honeymooners and is ideal if you want a Greece honeymoon destination with a difference!

It’s relaxed, unspoilt and not overrun with lots of tourists, plus as an off-the-beaten track destination for honeymooners it means you won’t be surrounded by other couples also seeking romantic seclusion and fun! 

In terms of good value for money, you also can’t go wrong with Lesvos - peak holidaying season in Greece is April to October, ideal for honeymoons, but this means prices can rocket - less so on this authentic Greek island - which is ideal if you’ve just spent a lot of money on an amazing wedding day but still want a perfect honeymoon!

Lesvos is a short flight from Athens and there’s several flights each day making it ideal to combine a few days in Greece’s capital with a few days on Lesvos!

Sunrises And Sunsets In Lesvos

What can be more romantic than watching some of the best sunrises and sunsets with your loved one? On Lesvos there are many beautiful places to watch the sun coming up and going down and at Real Lesvos we have some of the best accommodation on the island for this exact thing!

Whether you’re looking for ultra modern villas with clean white lines, or renovated, rustic, stone village houses, away from it all with a sense of history, Lesvos has it all!!

There’s so much choice that Lesvos is ideal for a two centre getaway with the pine forests and long stretches of beach in the south, to the prettiest villages and hidden coves in the north and west of the island. We can help you plan the best Greece honeymoon itinerary to get the most from your stay!

Where To Eat & Drink On Lesvos

Every ideal Greece honeymoon has lots of romantic meals out and Lesvos is a great island for foodies - it even has its own food festival each year! Lesvos is also a sustainable destination with most produce grown locally - there’s nothing like the taste of fresh salads, olives and vegetables,all produced near the tavernas serving you!

Lesvos is famous for its olive oil, local cheeses and honey. The island is also the home of the world famous Greek spirit ouzo! This aniseed flavoured drink is traditionally served in small bottles and you pour over ice or very cold water. Locals drink it with small plates of food called meze and it is ideal for long, slow lunches or dinner, savouring time together, fresh air, beautiful views and amazing Greek hospitality.

The Greeks love food to share and so it’s ideal for a romantic meal when you get lots of meze to share and can sample different dishes together.

What To Do On Your Lesvos Honeymoon?

You’re going to want to relax and spend time together but also to make memories - try some of these to make your honeymoon really special:

  1. Visit Molyvos - wander through the cobbled village - voted one of the World prettiest streets - up from the beach and harbour to the castle at the top and watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea.
  1. Spend the day on the 8km of sand at Vatera, swim, relax and eat and drink at one of the cool beach bars
  1. Take a trip to Skala Eressos - home of the romantic poet, Sappho and sample some local sardines right on the beach
  1. Go on a short hike to the amazing waterfall at Vathylimno - it’s rarely busy and the amazing turquoise waters are always a breath-taking site!
  1. Explore the Petrified Forest - you will feel like you’ve stepped into a lunar landscape as you visit this UNESCO World Heritage site and see the effects of a volcanic eruption! 
  1. Take a boat trip to Tokmakia - the Caribbean of Lesvos with white sands, turquoise sea and deserted islands.
  1. Visit the hot springs - at Therma Spa you can have a hot bath just for two and book a couples massage too!

So if you’re looking for a romantic honeymoon destination email us at and check out

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