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The secrets of Greek Food & Greek Wine: How to enjoy an authentic culinary journey in Lesvos

The secrets of Greek Food & Greek Wine: How to enjoy an authentic culinary journey in Lesvos

Are you ready for an adventure like no other? An escape to tantalise your taste buds and nourish your soul? Then come and experience one of the best Greek islands for Greek food and Greek wine – Lesvos!

This gastronomic paradise – recently included in an article on ‘the best tavernas flying the flag for Greek gastronomy’ - will sweep you off your feet and into a whirlwind romance of flavours and fragrances you never dreamed existed.

Succulent meats, fresh seafood, creamy cheeses and honeyed pastries, all washed down with glasses of ruby-red Greek wine and ouzo as the sun sets over the horizon. The secrets of the best Greek food and wine are waiting to be unlocked and Lesvos holds the key!

Greek food and Greek wine festivals in Lesvos

With over 320 km of coastline, Lesvos offers some of the freshest fish and seafood in Greece. Taste grilled octopus, fried calamari or for the ultimate Greek food treat, try Astakomakaronada - lobster spaghetti in a tomato sauce. It's divine! Each August the Sardine Festival takes place in Perama and Skala Kalloni with live cooking demonstrations, sardine-based treats and lots of music.

For Greek wine lovers, the annual Lesvos Wine Festival in Pamfila is an event you simply can't miss! Every August, the island comes alive to celebrate the harvest and its world-class Greek wine. You'll get to sample distinctive wines made from indigenous grapes like Fokiano, Kalloniatiko, Asirtiko, Moscato and Athiri.

Every July the island hosts the Lesvos Food Festival at different locations across the island. There are lots of free tastings of the island’s high-quality food and drink including local delicacies like the cheese Kasseri.

The Greek islands awaken the senses and the lively atmosphere during festival season, stunning scenery, traditional Greek food and award-winning Greek wine, will leave you with memories that last long after your island getaway. Check out our best Greek food festivals blog.

Lesvos is famous around the world for the production of Greece's national drink, Ouzo. This aniseed flavoured liquor is originally from the island of Lesvos and there are a lot of distilleries here, 17 still in production, all making this delicious spirit. There’s even an ouzo museum dedicated to the drink.

There are a couple of ouzo festivals held in Lesvos during the summer. Visitors get the chance to try different types of ouzo and discover the secrets of the drink. The events are held in Mytilene and Plomari and there are concerts with live music and traditional dancing.

In September, a fig festival is hosted in Ippeios, a small village about 20 minutes from Mytilene. Visitors can enjoy a variety of different figs and recipes including fig pies and jams. And of course, accompanied by traditional Greek music. August is known as "fig month" in Greece, because the fruit is so plentiful and ripe, but locals eat them all year round due to their amazing health benefits.

In autumn, usually in November, the village of Agiasos in Lesvos holds the chestnut festival. This picturesque village is filled with visitors from all over the island, some from Greece and a few from further afield, to experience this authentic Greek island event. Huge piles of chestnuts are gathered locally and offered for sale. Chestnuts are boiled in huge pots or roasted over open fires for visitors to enjoy. The mix of steam and smoke can make the village quite surreal.

Plan your culinary adventure to Lesvos and discover the best Greek wine and Greek food treasures!

There are lots of things to do when you visit the Greek islands. But enjoying a classic Greek meze with plump olives, feta, tzatziki and freshly baked bread should be top of the list. Lesvos’ olive oil is award-winning, so drizzle it on everything! The island is also known for its creamy feta and Ladotyri - a hard cheese which is produced from sheep’s or goat’s milk. Also Papalina, a type of sardine from Lesvos which is served at many of the tavernas. What better way to end a meal than with a selection of popular pastries. Try baklava or Kadaifi, simply delicious.

You simply must take a gastronomic journey to the beautiful island of Lesvos to experience Greece's world-class food and wine! An abundance of mouthwatering dishes and stunning wines await your discovery.

Once on the island, head to the lively fishing village of Molyvos and dine al fresco at the harbour's tavernas or visit the Women's Cooperative in Petra, formed to increase and expand the opportunities for woman in the area, and enjoy stuffed zucchini flowers, melt in my mouth fried calamari, organic wine and other traditional Greek dishes.

Lesvos really is one of the best Greek islands to experience authentic Greek food and Greek wine.

To experience some of the best Greek wine and Greek food festivals in Lesvos get in touch and Real Lesvos can help plan your stay. Or check out our hand-picked accommodation and other services we offer on our website.

Mark Walker

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