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Which Greek Island Is Best For A Holiday?

Which Greek Island Is Best For A Holiday?

Greece is one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations and attracts visitors from across the world, but why? For more than 60 years holiday makers have been flocking to the Greek islands due to its rich history, amazing beaches, clear-blue waters and authentic cuisine. But what are the best Greek islands to visit? Here we explore the top 5 Greek islands and share insights into why you might want to visit them.

Why is Crete a popular destination?

Crete is a popular island because of its amazing natural beauty spots and how accessible it is from other countries.

The main reason people travel to Crete is due to its size. With 1,000 km of coastline - backed by mountains that rise more than 2,400 metres - it’s the largest Greek island, meaning there’s lots to see and do.

There are many activities you can do on Crete; these include visiting one of the important archaeological sites on the island such as Knossos - believed to have been the palace of King Minos. The island also has some great hiking spots within its three national parks and has hundreds of gorges and more than 4,500 caves to explore.

Why is Santorini a popular destination?

Santorini is a popular island because of how easy it is for island hopping as there’s regular boat excursions each day during the busier summer months.

The main reason people travel to Santorini is because of its rare natural beauty. It has extraordinary volcanic beaches and lunar landscapes - the results of an eruption thousands of years ago by its world-famous volcano which formed the island and gave it its shape.

There are many activities you can do on Santorini; these include visiting the awe-inspiring Caldera View. Centuries ago, a volcanic eruption transformed the surface of the island by leaving behind cauldron-shaped calderas in its wake. Visitors can view this amazing natural phenomenon from above and take in this impressive site.

Why is Lesvos a popular destination?

Lesvos is a popular island because of its relaxed, unspoilt, off-the-beaten track vibe – making it one of Greece’s best-kept secrets. It’s not overrun with tourists and is the more affordable option compared to other better-known Greek islands.

The main reason people travel to Lesvos is because of its varied landscape and authentic feel. It’s a whole continent in miniature, boasting spectacular beaches, high mountains, and wild forests. There’s something for everyone from amazing traditional tavernas, stunning spots for watching the sunset, and nature attractions. If you want an authentic Greek island experience, Lesvos is the place to go.

There are many activities you can do on Lesvos; these include visiting one of the many unspoilt beaches on the island such as Agios Isidoros, in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Greece, or visiting the healing springs Thermi On Gera which provide a number of healing benefits. Or why not visit the Petrified Forest which has fossilised trees so large they reach staggering heights of 20 metres upwards and almost 3 metres in width.

Why is Mykonos a popular destination?

Mykonos is a popular island because of its party scene, attracting over 500,000 visitors a year due to its host of clubs, bars and restaurants.

The main reason people travel to Mykonos is because of its cosmopolitan vibe and luxury accommodation and services. Many beaches have internationally acclaimed restaurants and clubs, attracting famous DJs. It attracts the super-rich and celebrities such as Lady Gaga visit year after year.

There are many activities you can do on Mykonos; these include shopping in Chora where you can find all the latest collections from top design houses. Buy a coffee and sit in Matogianni Street for some great people-watching! The colourful crowd stream in and out of brightly lit stores, whether just window-shopping or holding bags full of clothes.

Why is Folégandros a popular destination?

Folégandros is a popular island because of its old-world charm and medieval history. Kastro, a medieval-era district that makes up part of the main town, features old white houses joined wall-to-wall and are very impressive.

The main reason people travel to Folégandros is because despite its small size it packs in a lot of beauty. Its main town is one of the most striking in Greece but it's the settlement of Ano Meria, 5km from Hora, with its famous “themonies” (agricultural complexes), that consisted of homes, ovens, cellars and cisterns, that people flock to.

There are many activities you can do on Folégandros, these include walking from Ano Meria to the Aspropounta lighthouse, a monument constructed 97 years ago. One of the main tourist attractions is Panagia Church, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. Look closely, you will discover ancient statues, columns and inscriptions in the courtyard and inside the church.

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