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Which are the Best Greek Food Festivals?

Which are the Best Greek Food Festivals?

Festivals are a must as you explore Greece and as food is such an important part of Greek culture, as well as Greek holidays, we have compiled a list of some of the best islands to visit if you want to combine the two joys of food and festivities! They will almost always include free tastings, amazing ideas to stimulate the palate, recipes to bring back home and the very best of local delicacies, local produce and traditional recipes. Combined with warm Greek hospitality, obligatory music and impromptu dancing - you're sure to have a great experience!


The capital of Greece hosts a large and very international food festival every September, including the best of street food, with over 300 vendors! It's a lively affair, with Greek music, DJs and a very cosmopolitan vibe.


The island of Tinos is a traditional Cycladic island with breathtaking beaches, whitewashed buildings and beautiful churches in the rugged landscape. Every May, Tinos hosts an Artichoke Festival - 10,000 artichokes are prepared in the week prior to the festival and you can tempt your taste buds with artichoke prepared in a vast variety of ways including fried, stuffed and souffled! There is of course, local music and dancing to accompany all the eating!


Lesvos is the third largest Greek island yet remains unspoilt and authentic. The island is most famous for its production of Ouzo and olive oil but is also a foodies paradise. Every year in July the island hosts the Lesvos Food Festival across the island with free tastings of the island’s high quality food and drink. Try the local cheeses especially Ladotyri and Kasseri (alongside amazing feta of course!). The seafood is simply delicious and the local delicacy of Lakerda is up there with the best sushi. The island is also famous for its local sardines, and small cheese pies, called Giouzlemedes which just melt in your mouth.

Leonidio, Pelopponese

The beautiful town of Tsakonio, Leonidio, in the Peloponnese at the end of the Daflon gorge hosts an annual Aubergine Festival in the last week of August. The aubergines (eggplants) grown here are considered the longest and sweetest in all of Greece and in 1996 were even given PDO status (Protected Designation of Origin). The festival goes by the nickname of “Mellitzazz” (a combination of Melitzana and Jazz) as it’s also a jazz festival with music, pop-up food stalls, street food and a huge variety of aubergine tasting opportunities!


This island with its pretty white washed buildings and over 350 churches is home to an annual gastronomy festival, showcasing the best of the island produce and traditional recipes. It's a free three day festival, with cuisines from several different islands available to sample each evening followed by traditional music and dancing into the night. Pottery making and art displays make this a cultural extravaganza!

If you're a foodie and especially a fan of Greek food, as well as the idea of sustainable travel and eating farm to table, then Greek Food Festivals are a great place to visit!

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