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We wanted to share our love for the hidden gem of Greece.

With 20 year’s experience on one of Greece’s most beautiful and largest islands, we’ve hand-picked the best accommodation in Lesvos, based on our extensive local knowledge, just for you.

Authentic Experiences
We're a young and exciting company looking to help you discover real Greek experiences on Lesvos, through a brand you can trust. We're starting with accommodation we know and love, as well as suggesting towns, villages and places of interest to visit to enrich your stay on Lesvos in Discover Lesvos - your travel guide to the island.

Sustainable & Fair

The mission of Real Lesvos is to support the island that is close to our heart.

Real Lesvos provides a fair deal to its local suppliers, helping to regenerate the local economy, creating jobs. By doing this, we believe that Real Lesvos is directly contributing to the well-being of the community.

As Real Lesvos grows as a business, profits will be invested back into the business to further support this goal. Read more about how we're supporting local causes here.

So, you can be confident as a Real Lesvos customer that you are making a direct positive impact to improving the livelihood of the local community.

Real Lesvos Greece

Through the fully licensed and duly operating Greek office of Real Lesvos in Molyvos, Lesvos, we are in a position to offer you our uninterrupted support throughout your stay in Lesvos.

Our company provides tourist services in Greece, in compliance with article 3 para 2 of Greek Law 393/1976, through the tourist office of the Greek company under the corporate name “SOLVES TRAVEL SINGLE MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY” and the distinctive title “REAL LESVOS”. The tourist office of the Greek Company operates in Molyvos, Lesvos, by virtue of Decision no. BA/1587/1.9.2022 of the Directorate of Tourism of the North Aegean Region of the Greek Ministry of Tourism, and is registered with the Registry of Tourist Offices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism under no. 0310E60000075201. The use of the trade name “REAL LESVOS” by the Greek Company has also been approved by the Greek authorities (by virtue of Decision no. BA/1649/9.9.2022 of the Directorate of Tourism of the North Aegean Region) and has been registered with the Registry of Distinctive Titles of the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

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