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Top tips for getting the best out of your holiday to Lesvos

Top tips for getting the best out of your holiday to Lesvos

Does organising your Real Lesvos holiday seem a little overwhelming? Maybe it’s an island you don’t know much about or it’s your first trip for a while? Planning your Greek island getaway might seem like a time-consuming task but holidays to Greece should be plain sailing with our guide on how to make your Lesvos holiday planning for 2022 simple and straightforward.

Here’s our top tips for making things as smooth as possible!

Where is Lesvos?

Lesvos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. It's the third largest island in Greece meaning there’s lots to see and do on your Greek island holiday. Its closest island neighbours are Chios, Samos and Limnos - handy for island-hopping!

Lesvos has a coastline of 320km with lots of long stretches of beach and many small coves. It has been named the Emerald Isle as it’s so lush and verdant, with millions of olive trees and lots of pine forests. There are two large mountains - Mount Lepetymnos and Mount Olympus. The views from the top are simply breath-taking. The island’s capital is Mytilene, a beautiful small city with a port, airport and imposing ancient castle.

How to get to Lesvos

Travelling to the island of Lesvos is simple, you can either fly or take a ferry. There are direct flights from the UK and other European destinations in the peak summer months (May - October). At the time of writing, direct flights from the UK leave from Bristol, Manchester and Stanstead. Flights land at the island's only airport, Mytilene (MJT).

It's a small, modern airport in the island's capital. Outside of these months it is ideal to fly via Athens. You can fly to Athens from most UK airports, and there are often good deals from places like London Luton.

Connecting flights to the island of Lesvos operate daily, usually two or three times a day, so it's not difficult to find good connections and transferring at Athens is very straightforward. Ferries leave the port of Piraeus every day and cross to Lesvos and the port at Mytilene. This is cheaper than flying but not as quick!

When is the best time to visit Lesvos?

Of course, most people want to visit Greek islands in summer, which is ideal to soak up the sun and make the most of the amazing beaches and cooling dips in the clear, turquoise waters.

However, Lesvos is special in that it's also an ideal island to visit at Easter and in Autumn, and often a lot cheaper then too. Travelling to Lesvos in April is perfect for hiking, cycling and to share in the local celebrations, traditions and customs. Lesvos is also one of the best birdwatching locations in Europe as it's on the migratory route, so you can see many rare and unusual species including pink flamingos.

If you get the chance to visit during the olive harvest in November, you'll have an amazing experience you'll never forget! In other words, whilst Lesvos is most popular during the summer, other seasons can show you a different side of the island that you may not have seen before.

Some hotels and resorts are closed from the end of October to April so it’s good to check this before you book a flight.

There are so many options for a holiday on Lesvos, from traditional hilltop cottages to slick modern villas by the sea. Check out the Real Lesvos destination guide to see the small towns and villages, and browse our hand-picked accommodations!

What are you waiting for?

The island of Lesvos is ideal for an authentic Greek holiday. It has all you could wish for; amazing beaches, captivating sunsets, historical sites, an abundance of nature, amazing food and of course the most welcoming locals! There’s so much to discover, so check out our web-site

Book an unforgettable experience with a Real Lesvos holiday today.

Mark Walker

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