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Best Value Greek Islands

Best Value Greek Islands

If you're looking for your perfect Greek island holiday but without spending a fortune then look no further. We have compiled a list of the cheapest and best value destinations for a Greece holiday in 2023!

Of course you can visit Greece and spend, spend, spend but most of us are trying to keep costs down and yet we still want beautiful beaches, amazing scenery, delicious food and breath-taking sunsets. We have the answer!

If you can travel avoiding the peak months of July and August then you'll have even more choice and be able to get an even better bargain. May, June and September are wonderful times to visit Greece - in spring the blossom is out, the flowers are blooming and everything comes alive. Then by September the sea is warm but the crowds have left!

The islands we have chosen have been carefully selected based on the prices of accommodation, eating out and things like sun-loungers on the beach. They should also all be reasonably accessible.


The largest of the Cyclades islands and arguably the island in the Aegean sea with the best sandy beaches, Naxos is more off the beaten track than the neighbouring Santorini and Mykonos. However, it still has charming villages with blue and white painted houses.

The main town of Chora with its Venetian castle is beautiful and the famous Portara (marble gate) is a must-visit spot to watch the fantastic sunsets. There are traditional villages and hiking trails (ideal for early and late season breaks) and the winding paths take you to some amazing historical ruins including the Temple of Dionysus.


One of the least well-known Greek islands and closest to Cesme on the Turkish coast, Chios is ideal for visitors wanting to experience authentic Greece. Chios is most famous for mastic - a pine resin - used in products all over the world from chewing gum to paint! The trees are unique to the island and you can learn all about mastic in Chios town museum.

There are beautiful, unspoilt beaches here and pretty towns and villages full of amazing architecture from the island's mixed past - genoan, Ottomans and Greek influences are clearly seen. Our favourite place is the mediaeval village of Pyrgi. Mavra Volia, a beach with black sand, and Agia Dinami, with its white sand, are both beautiful beaches worth adding to your itinerary here on Chios.


Lesvos is the third largest island in Greece and the capital of the Northern Aegean. It's rich in culture and history and with so much to see and do there’s something for everyone here. Lesvos is rich in culture and history, and is probably most famous for the production of Ouzo, the famous Greek spirit - make sure you try some with meze (small plates).

The island is also a heritage site due to the breath-taking petrified forest. The museum at the pretty harbour village of Sigri is worth visiting. There are wonderful hiking trails, mountain biking routes and pretty villages, historical sites and waterfalls.

Of course, like all the best islands there are also amazing beaches and beautiful sunsets…. We love the bustling, colourful town of Plomari with the beautiful stretch of sandy beach at Agios Isidoros. The cobbled streets of Molyvos are a must-see, leading from the harbour to the castle they are often photographed in spring with trailing lilac wisteria and have been awarded the coveted title of the world’s prettiest street!

Accommodation across the island is great value, especially in the spring and most places are family-run and very welcoming.


Crete is the largest island in Greece and is known for its stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and rich history. While it is a popular tourist destination, with some expensive luxury resorts, it can still be one of the cheapest Greek islands to visit. Visitors can explore the island's many attractions, including the ancient city of Knossos, hiking the Samaria Gorge, and exploring the beautiful Venetian port of Chania. We love Elounda and a trip to the historic island of Spinalonga too.


Poros is one of the Saronic islands and is very close to Athens, but it's less popular than the neighbouring islands of Spetses and Hydra, and therefore much more budget-friendly. As it's relatively unknown, most people don't realise that it's actually two islands - Sphairia and Kalaureia. It’s easy to get there by ferry and there are fast and slow crossings daily.

The island is the site of the first naval base in modern Greece and it is still used for naval training today. Its most famous landmark is the clock tower that greets you as you arrive at the port. The blue-green waters are amazing for swimming and we recommend Love Bay for a lovely beach with natural shade.

For help planning a trip to Lesvos check out We only need a 10% deposit when you book and you can pay the remaining balance in instalments! For some great, budget-friendly accommodation get in touch and we can help plan your perfect stay!

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Mark Walker

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