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Environmental Taxes

Real Lesvos customers should note that effective from January 1st 2024 the Greek government has introduced a new locally-collected Environmental Tax for both domestic and international visitors staying in Greek holiday properties. This replaces the previous locally-collected Residence Tax, which was usually €0.50 per day.

The new Environmental Tax is intended to fund sustainability projects within Greece - to protect the precious natural resources and beauty of Greece for future generations, which of course can't be taken for granted.

The new Environmental Tax is typically either €1.50 or €3.00 per day for most Real Lesvos properties. However, for a small number of Real Lesvos properties (larger villas or those with higher star ratings), the tax can be either €7.00 or €10.00 per day. Like the previous tax, it will typically be collected in resort - the tax will either be added to the checkout bill, or presented as a separate invoice, payable before leaving.

Real Lesvos appreciates that higher local taxes are especially unwelcome given cost of living increases in recent years. Obviously, Real Lesvos can't control local taxation policy. However, Real Lesvos does support the Greek government's drive to protect the wonderful natural beauty, landscapes and resources of Greece.

Below we have given best-efforts guidance on the likely Environmental Tax for properties in the €7.00 per day or €10.00 per day bands. However, customers can contact us at if they would like confirmation of the Environmental Tax amount either before they book or before they travel.

To the best of our knowledge, Real Lesvos properties with a potential €7.00 per day Environmental Tax band are:

Aphrodite Hotel

Real Lesvos properties with a potential €10.00 per day Environmental Tax band are:

Villa Molyvos Views, Captain's View, Anasa Villas, Villa Aggemari.